Wave Tamers are pre-cast concrete units that are securely fastened together to make a very strong seawall.

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3 Prevent beach erosion by its unique design that causes the wave…

4 Unlike steel seawalls and concrete block walls, which can be undermined by wave actions, Wave Tamers can’t be undermined.

5 Even strong storms can’t budge the patented wave tamer system. Installations from 36 years ago haven’t moved an inch.



Wave Tamer Systems LLC offers a patented design for lifting a wave and returning it to collide with the next incoming wave.  This deposits sand particles to gradually build up a beach.

Wave Tamer




This installation is on the coastline of Michigan. The owners were in danger of losing their home.  Their beach had eroded and the waves were hitting their house. They chose to install the Wave Tamer System which saved their home and their beach.  36 years of high and low water levels no longer impacts their beach or their home.


Wave Tamer

This installation is also on the coastline of Michigan.  The owners were concerned about damage to another structure.  They chose the Wave Tamer System to protect their property and beach.